We are glad to welcome You on our service of a profit of a mining. In order to take all ADVANTAGE of the calculator, you need to get a LOGIN and PASSWORD from the system administrator.

You can contact the administrator via any of the communication channels specified in CONTACTS. Below is a brief instruction-explanation to the calculator interface.

Once you are logged in, the first thing you need to do adjust the performance of all algorithms that are presented in the “SETTING" menu. All the hashes we were able to find are installed by default.

  • 1. User menu
  • 2. Setting the price of electricity for 1 kW/h
  • 3. Equipment for power installation according to algorithms. We have made a hash rate of the equipment, which we managed to find.
  • 4. Set the power by algorithms corresponding to the number of equipment. Attention!!! After pressing this button, all powers are recalculated for all algorithms, according to the amount of equipment entered, and the hashrates known to us for this equipment.
  • 5. Name of the algorithm
  • 6. The TOTAL power of the algorithm (this figure is taken for further calculations)
  • 7. The unit of measure for the algorithm
  • 8. Set the total power consumption for Your equipment according to this algorithm
  • 9. Counting the default values for this algorithm
  • 10. Navigation menu for algorithms
  • 11. Calculator menu

After adjusting the performance of the algorithms on your hardware, go to "Coins View"

  • 1. Menu of the calculator. HELP-interesting and useful links. NEWS-news about our calculator
  • 2. The current exchange rate of Bitcoin (BTC), to calculate the profit of $
  • 3. Search field. The search is made by the names of coins and algorithms
  • 4. Select a period of difficulty (used for calculations). The difficulty is considered to be the average for the specified period, as well as the current difficulty.
  • 5. Price type for calculations. Last price-the best last price on the exchange. Best bid price - the best maximum price of the buy order. Average Last price - last average price on all exchanges. Average bid price - average price of the maximum buy order on all exchanges.
  • 6. Tab, which presents the coins, the volume on all exchanges which is more than specified in paragraph 22
  • 7. Tab, which shows the coins that do not have an exchange (here you specify the number of coins that you will receive per day with the current parameters of the coin)
  • 8. Tab that shows coins whose volume on all exchanges is less than specified in clause 22
  • 9. Tab which indicates which algorithms you have not configured or = 0 and the number of coins on the corresponding algorithm.
  • 10. Coin logo
  • 11. The name of the coin (the coin symbol)
  • 12. The algorithm of the coins
  • 13. In column lists Your income per day of mining coins. It is calculated by the formula of complexity (using the formula of a certain algorithm. In General, this is the income formula for the complexity of BTC). The brackets indicate the number of coins that you will receive when mining.
  • 14. Coin price chart for 1 week or 1 month
  • 15. In column lists Your income, calculated according to the Formula: Your hashrate/network hashrate*86400/time block*block Reward. The brackets indicate the number of coins that you will receive when mining
  • 16. The price of the coin, which is the calculation of your profit
  • 17. Total volume on all exchanges
  • 18. The parameters of the coin
  • 19. Coin network settings
  • 20. Coin network parameters graph
  • 21. Date of adding coins to the calculator
  • 22. Minimum total volume on all exchanges
  • 23. Parameters of Your hashrate on which calculations are carried out
  • 24. When hovering over the coin price-the time of the last update of these parameters is displayed
  • 25. When you hover the cursor over the coin parameters, the time of the last update of these parameters is displayed

Once you have selected a coin and clicked on its name, information on the coin is provided

  • 1. Name of the coin and its websites (official website, bitcointalk, forum)
  • 2. Your income at the selected price. When you select any of the prices-is recalculated
  • 3. Exchanges on which the coin is traded
  • 4. Last price on the relevant exchange
  • 5. Max bid price on the relevant exchange
  • 6. Volume on the relevant exchange
  • 7. The time when we received the latest update on this coin on the exchange
  • 8. Maximum volume of all exchanges
  • 9. Maximum last price of all exchanges
  • 10. If the price is different from the maximum by more than 20% is highlighted-green, 30% - yellow, 40% - red
  • 11. The pool where the coin is presented
  • 12. Coin symbol on the pool
  • 13. Hashrate for this coin on pool
  • 14. The time when we received the latest update on this coin on the pool

1 month

10$ /month

6 month

  • + 1 month free
60$ /7 months

Thank you for your attention. We will answer any questions on the specified contacts. Profitable mining For you.